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Our mission is to provide industrial and laboratory equipments to fulfill the need of various sensing and imaging applications. We have developed a wide range of equipments that cover many laboratory and industry needs.

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Research and development

Bringing highly technological research solutions to solve industrial challenges is the center of our strategy.

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We will provide you with the best quality equipments and will support you in your project to find solutions to your challenges.

About us

Alcatera was founded in 2016 to commercialize novel sensing and imaging sensors. Our members are experts in various application fields. We have an extended experience to evaluate and conduct technological projects. If you have questions about our company, products or services, please contact us. We encourage feedback from our customers and we are glad to provide you assistance whenever possible.

Alcatera uses one of the most reliable and widely available silicon technology. Silicon is a technology used to build integrated circuits. We make use of the numerous advantages of such a reliable and robust platform to implement our ideas. We have overcame many challenges to make silicon technologies compatible with commercial systems, and this is what make us unique in this field. We focus on the costumers needs and provide them with a plug-and-play solution compatible with their platform.

Products and services

Alcatera is working on a wide range of exciting products. We will update our website very soon, so visit us to keep updated, or subscribe to our news letter.

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